Online Application Form

To apply to rent one of our units, you must fit the following conditions:

1. Age Requirement

Applicants must be over 60 years of age.

2. Genuine Need

You must have a genuine housing need.

3. Limited Assets

Applicants must have less than $25,000 in cash.

1. Your personal details

Your Full Name

Your Date of Birth

Identification – Please attached a photo copy of your ID i.e. Driver's Licence/Passport. (Tip: Take a photo of it with a smartphone or tablet)

Your Marital State
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2. Your contact details

eMail Address

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3. Your assets and income

Your Assets

List Your Assets (other than household furniture and personal effects)

Your income

Interest e.g. Savings Bank

Dividends from shares

Any other income

4. Your references

Name and phone number of two people (other than relatives) from whom reference maybe obtained:

Reference 1 (Current Landlord):

Their Full Name

Their Phone Number

Reference 2:

Their Full Name

Their Phone Number

5. Your next of kin

Their Full Name

Their eMail Address

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Their Address

Address Line 1

Address Line 2


6. Your housing needs

Briefly relate your housing need and why your present accommodation is unsatisfactory


 I confirm the information I have provided is true and correct.